The Artist


Born in New Jersey and now residing in South Florida, DigitalGreg began his journey into photography in the summer of 2000. For nearly 15 years, DigitalGreg has been capturing his modern view of life where his photographs explore his concept of the environment that surrounds him. The exquisite beauty of DigitalGreg’s work draws viewers into a daze which is a blur of fantasy and reality.

While accepted to the prestigious Brooks Institute in 2005, DigitalGreg opted to continue his education at the University of Florida (UF). Spending much of his free time on the trails of Paynes Prairie, this is where DigitalGreg captured the lesser traveled areas of Gainesville while being snarled at by alligators, nearly stepped on a water moccasin and nearly stampeded by a wild bison. During his time at UF, DigitalGreg severed as the Vice President of Exposure, the University of Florida’s photography club.

From the East Coast to the West Coast to all the way to the Middle East, every day DigitalGreg dreams of revisiting Yellowstone National Park.

Owning several cameras and skilled with digital, 35mm medium and large format, DigitalGreg selects his format based on his subject and his mood.

Welcome to the online galleries of DigitalGreg where you can see the world through his viewfinder.